About us

The Power of Electrifying Ideas

Schniewindt was founded in 1829 in Westphalia and is a performance-based, independent family business. Since the invention of the Schniewindt grid in 1902 we have manufactured electric high-voltage resistors and are thus one of the leading suppliers of electrical equipment for energy distribution. Through the use of advanced process technologies we continuously develop our products according to the needs of our customers. With our global partnerships, we are among the leading manufacturers of high performance electrical resistors and of equipment and systems for electrical heating equipment for industrial and commercial purposes.

Schniewindt heating technology includes the development, production and sale of heaters for heating gases, liquids and solids. Also in areas exposed to explosion hazard and firedamp, these devices reflect our knowledge.With complete systems including electronic controls and pumps, we offer process-optimised and energy-efficient solutions from a single source.

In the product area electric resistor technology we develop and manufacture customised high power and high voltage resistors for various applications include filtering and damping circuits in HVDC and FACTS systems and can look back on a high number of successful projects worldwide.

In the product area energy transmission technology we offer solutions for voltage and/or current measurement based on well proven sensor technology. On customer request we can additionally provide an optical-digital data transfer system for use in future-oriented, digitally automated substations.

We use our knowledge based on our many years of experience in heating and resistor technology for the equipment of modern traffic engineering. We sell heating systems for the preheating of diesel engines in maritime and railway technology along with braking resistors for electric drive technology in the maritime (shipbuilding, offshore) as well as in the industrial sector. 175 employees face new challenges every day according to the motto “powered by electrifying ideas”.